vin portrait 030 edits 2 sepia neck fix

My name is Vincent Todarello. I’ve loved photography ever since I received a Polaroid camera for Christmas in 1983. When I purchased my first digital camera in 2000 I knew my passion was about to grow. In 2005 I became serious about photography, and by 2007 I was inspired to earn a living doing what I love.

I have a unique artistic vision that most photographers lack. With talent in drawing, painting, sculpting and writing, I knew I wanted to bring more to my photographs. I incorporate these talents by using cutting edge techniques such as High Dynamic Range, Through the Viewfinder, Infrared, and Tilt + Shift to create digital art. As such I can capture and even create a feeling or mood, evoking a vivid story with each finished piece.

As a licensed patent attorney, my mechanical and disciplined side aids in restraining my creative side, striking a balance that results in whimsical yet realistic and vibrant, hyper-real images. Every photo I take undergoes hours of intense scrutiny, edits, re-edits, color shifts, and crops so that the best possible image emerges from the digital information I collected with my cameras.

What I offer with Vintod Photo is nothing short of a full service photography solution to your needs. I have static and mobile studio capability; I shoot weddings, infants, and all kinds of events; I shoot portraits as well as photo-journalistic candids; I am available for special projects and works for hire; and I am also available for graphic design, photo editing and photo restorative work.